What is a 57?

A “57” is an eye-brain phenomenon in which a quick glance at a given text causes a misreading, which will often persist on closer inspection, the lasting image of the often more interesting miss-perceived text covering the “real” text, preventeing an “accurate” reading often for moments at a time.

It has been proposed that rather than being mere brain glitches, a 57 is a glimpse into a world whose temporality, spatiality and existential reality is incomprehensible to us.

The original concept  was originated by the great phenomenologist and research linguist Dr. Bridgid Foxglove and her co-researcher XX XXX in Foxglove’s bedroom cerca 1997, when a quick glance at the bookshelf revealed the presence of the non-existent volume entitled 57 Exotic Tempos.  Foxglove and XXX continued their investigation of this phenomenon. Along the way that have gathered an extensive network of co-researchers, and have developed exiting theories about the parallel universes that quick perception reveals.

This blog is dedicated to the elaboration through drawing of the glimpses made through these intra-world windows.


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